doctorSHARE provides medical access in holistic, independent, and impartial ways for people who are considered poor and do not have a welfare identification card due to domicile administration issues, so they do not have access to free health care services from the government; those who are socially excluded from health services and ostracized in society, those who are trapped in natural disaster, epidemic, and malnutrition. doctorSHARE also educates communities through health campaigns and guidance.


Dr. Lie Dharmawan

- Founder -

In 2009, dr. Lie Dharmawan, SpB, SpBTKV (Founder of doctorSHARE) sold a house in order to build the solution to the probem our fellow Indonesians face - he built the smallest floating hospital boat with the purpose of reaching Indonesia’s most remote-islands; providing and performing free medical interventions to families who otherwise will not be saved or treated.

Dr. Christ Hally

- Floating Hospital Manager 1 & 2-

dr. Christ Hally Santoso has served as doctorSHARE's Floating Hospital Manager since 2013, overseeing technical operations and medical services of floating hospitals. Previously, he served on-board providing various medical services. One of his dreams is to see the floating hospital sustainably operates for all Indonesians living in remote islands without access to health facilities. Hegraduated from Tarumanegara University's Faculty of Medicine and hopes to specialize in surgery in the future.

Dr. Debby K.A. Saputra

- Floating Hospital Manager 3 -

Debby is a general practitioner (GP) volunteer at doctorSHARE. After earning her doctor of medicine degree (MD) in 2010, she worked as a medical intern in East Java for one year and then served as "dokter PTT" (a temporary staff on a contract basis) in Papua. In 2013, she joined doctorSHARE and has since worked in remote areas in Papua, Borneo, Sumatra, and Molucca islands. Debby is also a research assistant and a GP at a private clinic in Jakarta.


Volunteer Based Charitable Organization

Activities are not intended to seek or collect profits.

Humanitarian Acts

Our work is based on the humanitarian principles of medical ethics. doctorSHARE is committed to bringing quality of health care to people trapped in crisis regardless of their race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, sectarian, or political affiliation.


We believe that every individual has talents, skills and capabilities that when collaborated in noble purposes can contribute to solve many social problems, especially in health care-related problems.


We operate independently and free from any interest of groups, classes, political affiliation, military, business, or religion.


Being neutral, without choosing sides of the parties involved in the conflict, and providing health care services independently to improve access for victims of conflict as required by international humanitarian law.

Bearing Witness & Speak Out

We act as witness while providing humanitarian assistance to the victims of violence, riots, natural disasters and conflicts. We speak in public or in private meetings as efforts to draw public attention about the critical needs of the people we help. Additionally, we also challenge the diversion of humanitarian aid based on political interests.